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Christian Media Agency, Legacy’s heritage in advertising, marketing, broadcasting, and ministry development services began in 1978 when a young Ray Davis was recruited by Pat Robertson to run his flagship station within the CBN television group. Ray Davis embarked on a mission dedicated to helping ministries grow through the power of media which culminated in the foundation of the largest faith-based and humanitarian media company in America serving more than 191 television and radio ministries across the globe. Some of today’s largest international ministries like, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Feed the Children, and many more, attribute their success in media to these efforts.

After the passing of his father in February 2007, Damon Davis birthed the vision for Legacy Worldwide, a full-service agency designed to not only carry on the work pioneered by Ray Davis, but to also continue the family’s dedication to serving and expanding ministries through television, radio, and other media.

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